Mr. Mucklow, a native of Akron, Ohio became an attorney in 1988, licensed in Illinois and then Ohio. He has over 35 years of experience in the debtor/creditor field, civil and commercial litigation involving bankruptcy matters of all types, real estate matters, mortgage issues, and pipeline/eminent domain cases. He has successfully represented thousands of individuals in Chapter 7 and 13 and many businesses in complicated Chapter 11 proceedings involving trucking companies, restaurants and real estate investment companies and many others. He successfully filed an involuntary bankruptcy against Fair Finance Company, a Ponzi scheme involving $220 million in claims, in Akron, Ohio in 2010. He has filed several involuntary cases and provided representation for individual creditors and creditor committees. He has also provided estate planning, probate services and release from administration services for several decades.

He has been an advocate for many issues appearing on the ballot in Green, Ohio. He wrote and the voters passed initiative petitions to rewrite the City of Green zoning code to control housing density, protect open spaces, and banned for-profit gaming operations in the City of Green, amended the Green Charter to elect its law director and assisted the election of the first independent law director, recently re-elected.

From 2015 to 2022, he represented property owners in Northeast Ohio targeted by the Nexus pipeline. He actively engaged many local governments to assist in the cause to move the pipeline to a better location and appeared before FERC and filed many pleadings. The Nexus pipeline has been rerouted over 235 times since its inception avoiding conflicts with real people. One major reroute occurred in Summit County Ohio away from schools and homes partly due to his efforts. Mr. Mucklow has defended numerous lawsuits filed by Nexus (Enbridge) against hundreds of property owners in Loraine, Medina, Wayne, Summit and Stark Counties including cases filed by property owners in the federal district and appellate courts. He successfully represented property owners before the DC Court of Appeals. In one case unsealed, his client received one million dollars for a relatively small easement on their property. He continues to provide advice on eminent domain cases.

Mr. Mucklow is a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps honorably discharged in 1984.