Are you behind on property taxes?

Posted at 4/3/2024 12:37:59 PM by Mucklow

If you are behind on property taxes, please take steps to dispute the value of your property to reduce the taxes. Ohio recently reappraised properties as required every three years. The most recent reappraisal greatly impacted values in the 10 most populated counties in Ohio.

Although March 31st is the deadline to complain about last year's re-appraisal, you can still file a complaint in the following year. Attached is a link for the free seminar that I presented in the City of Green on how to dispute your property taxes. Ohio law was recently amended so that the interest rate is 18% for delinquent property taxes; your property can be sold or foreclosed for delinquent taxes.

If you are behind on property taxes, you must file a Chapter 13 proceeding before the sheriff sale date to save your property. Do not delay talking to an attorney. If the property goes to sale, you must vacate the premises. Chapter 13 allows you to pay the taxes in arrears through a plan over a three to five year period while paying the current property taxes.


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